Why choose Terra Pacific USA

Here are the reasons why Terra Pacific USA is trusted to deliver the best in green energy solutions.

  • We are owned and operated by seasoned business professionals who share the same passion for environment friendly energy.
  • We design energy solutions that meet individual client needs, including their financial objectives.
  • We provide access to industry leading equipment and technology, including LED lighting, solar, HVAC, wind driven and building management and control systems.
  • We provide the simplicity of utilizing a single provider who can also provide access to all your requirements for implementing energy efficiency solutions.
  • Our solar and energy efficiency design team are honest and objective, providing accuracy on potential solar system outputs and savings. All of our installations are led by qualified, experienced solar and energy efficiency project installers.
  • We use only the highest quality equipment that maximizes efficiency to deliver real value, never compromising system integrity.
  • We believe in what we do and it shows in our work.

Terra Pacific USA works with clients to effectively reduce their energy costs without compromising the performance of their home, facility or business.

Our focus is to prevent ‘information overload’ and help our clients choose what makes sense for their home or building. Our aim is to offer value and simplicity, including:

  • Access to the right expertise
  • Ease of working with a single service provider
  • Risk management and performance guarantees
  • Strategies for maximizing overall building performance
  • Assistance with rebates, incentives and alternate sources of funding

Terra Pacific USA will work with you to define your individual needs and objectives, following our four-step process:

We conduct an analysis of your building or facility to identify energy saving opportunities, and then:

  • Report back to you with recommendations for reducing energy and improving energy efficiency
  • Work with you to implement straightforward, sustainable energy efficient solutions.  Researching and recommending any rebates or benefits supported or offered by your city and state.
  • Assist you to monitor and measure the performance and energy savings.
  • Offer advice for identifying continued operational improvements.

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