Proactive Green Energy Solutions

Saving $$$ – Green Energy Solutions

One of the most highly debated subjects these days is global warming or cooling.   We, as consumers of the resources of the earth, have a responsibility.  Terra Pacific USA focuses on that responsibility, saving you money, while reducing energy consumption and carbon emission.

We coordinate and complete full facility energy solutions that greatly reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint using; LED lighting, wireless switching systems, wireless sound systems, building monitoring & automation, solar power & heating solutions and interior environment conditioning.  Terra Pacific USA is presently conferencing with corporations, universities, institutions, resorts, hotels & restaurants.

If your project is large enough we can even provide financing funded by the savings generated from the very products we provide.

Energy efficiency is the key to green building or upgrading which can sometimes be rewarded with additional state or local funds (Green Funds and Credits).  Building owners and managers can increase capital reserves while reducing and controlling consumption on every level.

Reduce operating costs up to 30 – 90%.    

Increase your return on investment.

Increase the visual impact and value of your real estate.

Change the environment for your corporate team or clients and increase productivity by greatly reducing the electromagnetic radiation & electromagnetic frequencies that are very harmful to all of us.

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